Golden Houses Developments: moving construction into a smoother, more efficient future

Created on 11/12/2018 11:58:58 AM

Golden Houses Developments is the high-end residential construction company from founder Monika Slowikowska, one of the most respected female business leaders in the industry. Her philosophy of strong teams collaborating from project to project is driving Golden Houses to the forefront of innovative business models for an industry that has worked itself into a stagnant rut of inefficiency.

The construction industry is saturated with companies using an array of subcontractors who frequently suffer from conflict and failure to communicate with one another. Golden Houses Developments founder & managing director, Monika Slowikowska, founded the company on the philosophy of solving this issue, as it is the chief contributor to delays in the construction process that clients incurring additional charges that could have been avoided. Using versatile construction teams who know each other well, processes are streamlined and issues of conflict are kept to a minimum. Monika's aim is to bring emotional intelligence and a human touch to improve efficiency in construction.

Conflict and disputes in the construction and engineering sector are ever increasing and comes at a cost to the industry and wider economy. The financial cost of disputes in the UK construction industry is measured in billions of pounds, and the damage they cause is not just financial. The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) has even launched a Conflict Avoidance Pledge*, and has received more than 50 signatures from industry bodies.

Golden Houses Developments uses just one team, with very limited use of subcontractors. This means that team members and leaders know each other well, averting the risk of conflict and streamlining processes to save time and money. The budget for every part of the project comes from a single source, and if there are any mistakes made then it can be addressed with a comprehensive approach. The trust between workers is high, and if there are any accidents or risks then the responsibility isn't passed from one team to the next - everything is tackled in-house.

Monika is committed to her team, implementing a system of vertical integration to ensure everyone is on the same page. This means always having one project manager for a site, eliminating the endless paperwork and constant liaising with subcontractors. The focus is on positive relationships on and off the work site, and Monika has nurtured great working relationships with all of her suppliers. A spokesperson for the company said:

"[Monika's] team is versatile enough to adapt to most jobs and sites"

This versatility is key, as it enables Golden Houses to predominantly stick to a single core team from one job to the next.

Monika's innovative approach has enabled Golden Houses Developments to thrive in the hugely competitive market for high-end residential properties in London. Her expert leadership has culminated in a huge reduction of conflict throughout construction projects, enabling her team to keep costs down and work to shorter timescales. Clients always get the very highest standards of design, construction and finish; ultimately, these are the things that truly matter to clients, and Monika's approach delivers on all fronts.